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Ktima Gerovassiliou is the brainchild of Vangelis Gerovassiliou. In 1981, he started reviving the family vineyard that spreads over 2,5 hectares at Papamola region in Epanomi, approximately 25km  to the south-east of the city of Thessaloniki. In this unique ecosystem he planted mainly Greek, but also foreign grape varieties. The first vinification took place in 1986 at the modern winery that was built by the vineyard. All Ktima wines are produced from grapes cultivated in the private vineyard, now stretching over 56 hectares.

At Ktima Gerovassiliou the vineyard is cultivated with great care and enthusiasm that leads V. Gerovassiliou to constantly research and experiment with Greek and foreign varieties, both well and less known ones. New technological advances blend well with tradition throughout vine growing and vinification processes.

The aim is to produce high quality wines from grapes cultivated exclusively in the privately-owned vineyard; wines that carry all distinct characteristics of the specific microclimate (terroir) of Epanomi.

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Evangelo is a blend of the red grape Petite-Syrah and the white Viognier. Fermentation is induced simultaneously for both grape juices in Burgundian oak tanks of 40hL. One of the benefits of adding Viognier is the process of co-pigmentation, which stabilizes the colouring of red wine. In addition to its softening qualities, it also adds a stabilizing agent and enhanced aroma to the wine. After malolactic fermentation in the same tanks, the wine is aged in French oak barrels. The wine is generous in varietal fruit and flavour, yet concentrated and should age gracefully.

Food pairing: best enjoyed with fine cuts of game, herb roasted poultry, wine-sauced dishes. A nice wine around the BBQ, particularly with grilled chicken and pork.


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A luscious blend of three Greek indigenous red varietals: Limnio, Mavroudi and Mavrotragano. Limnio, mentioned by comic dramatist Aristophanes as "Limnia ampelos" in the 5th century BC (vine from the Greek island Limnos), is the oldest attested Greek grape variety.

Entirely fermented in oak tanks, where malolactic fermentation ensues, the wine is aged in French oak barrels.

It has dark ruby colour, an excellent and complex structure. Its blackberry fruit offers spice and depth, finishes dry and is totally unique.

To sip deliciously on release at 16-18 ºC yet keep for 15-20 years.

Food pairing: interesting partner with hearty stews, savoury dishes, flavoured game dishes.

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Sauvignon Blanc


This wine is produced from Sauvignon Blanc, that is cultivated in several blocks of the estate's vineyards. After skin contact it is fermented in French oak barrels and then aged on its lees for a few months. It has a a bright yellow-gold colour, a bouquet of tropical notes including pineapple, melon and toasty vanilla on the palate. Length, complexity and structure are some of the oak's benefits.

This wine will reward a few years of cellaring with nuances of aromas that only time in the bottle provides. To be served chilled at 10-12 °C.

Food pairing: it has a lushness that will complement shellfish, sole with light lemon butter, poultry, pork, and also shines when paired with smoked cheeses.

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Ktima Gerovassiliou White


A pioneering blend of two indigenous grape varieties, Malagousia and Assyrtiko.

Skin contact is retained for a few hours and then follows alcoholic fermentation in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks at 18-20 ºC. Bright blond in colour with greenish shades, it has a distinctive nose with impressions of exotic fruit and notes of green pepper, jasmine, orange, melon and lemon. On the palate it has a rich, round feel with a lemony aftertaste.

Enjoy it fresh during its youth served at 8-10 °C.

Food pairing: fresh shellfish, grilled or steamed fish and white meat are good main course choices. A terrific companion for Asian cuisine, white sauce based pasta, appetizers, salad dishes with tomato and Greek feta.

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